Rabat - Morocco, city of elegance

Rabat, capital of the Kingdom, is more than worth your attention – a city where tranquillity and discretion go hand in hand with sophistication and the art of good living. A resolutely modern town that has nonetheless preserved all its authenticity, its historical heart combines elegantly with its modernity. It stands proudly at the mouth of the River Bouregreg, its colourful yachting harbour a delight to the eye, its ochre-hued walls surrounded by brilliant green nettle trees with the cries of the seagulls as a background.

A beautiful city justifiably proud of its heritage, Rabat lives and breathes among wide boulevards and luxuriant parks. It is the country’s political and administrative centre and its seat of government, containing the royal palace and the embassies to the Kingdom, and the many fine edifices that adorn it bear magnificent witness to a history reaching back into Antiquity. It is also the cultural capital, with a plethora of museums and exhibitions, and acting as host to major international festivals that draw a wide audience.

On the other side, on the right bank of the river, its twin sister Salé has preserved the memory of the corsairs of bygone days, leading you off into the maze of its medina in discovery of its mysterious past. Whether you’re coming to the city as a tourist, on business or to live, you will find Rabat and its region a perfect setting for discovery, shopping and relaxation.

Rabat, in all its elegance, guarantees visitors a royal welcome.



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