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RE : Special Ticket Discounts offer by Royal Air Maroc to AFRAA 50th Annual General Assembly participants

Beneficiary and Application Zones

Royal Air Maroc is offering discount fares to all participants attending the 50th AFRAA Annual General Assembly (AGA) scheduled to take place from 25-27 November 2018. The discounted fares are only applicable to participants attending the AGA on Royal Air Maroc network.

To benefit from the discounted fares, participants are required to provide proof of participation such as the invitation letter by AFRAA at the Royal Air Maroc sales point.

These discounts are valid in the Maghreb, Europe, North America and Africa Regions to Rabat or Casablanca.

Fare Conditions granted by Royal Air Maroc to the participants at the AFRAA General Assembly – Rabat 25 to 27 November 2018

1.Applicable Fares for Africa Region

Economy USD TTC Business USD TTC Economy USD TTC Business USD TTC
Route Discount Class Discount Class Route Discount Class Discount Class
RAICMN 400 V   C OXBCMN 950 O   C
NKCCMN 400 V   C FNACMN 950 O   C
DSSCMN 500 V   C ACCCMN 950 O   C
ABJCMN 500 V   C PNRCMN 950 O   C
NDJCMN 650 K   C BZVCMN 950 O   C
OUACMN 650 K   C SSGCMN 950 O   C
BKOCMN 650 K   C ROBCMN 950 O   C
NIMCMN 650 K   C LBVCMN 950 O   C
LOSCMN 850 K   C DLACMN 950 O   C
LFWCMN 850 K   C NSICMN 950 O   C
BJLCMN 850 O   C NBOCMN 950 O   C
COOCMN 850 O   C LADCMN 950 O   C
CKYCMN 850 O   C FIHCMN 950 O   C
BGFCMN 850 O   C

2.Discount Rate for Maghreb, Europe, North America Regions

These discounts are applicable to the full fare rate in force, excluding taxes and service charges.

Class Discount
Business C & J 25%
Business D 15%
Economy O & Q 25%
H & K 25%

 3. Supporting Documents: Presentation of the registration form, invitation letter or any other official document showing participation at the AFRAA General Assembly.

4. Cumulative Discount: Not Applicable.

5. Ticket Validity: This discount is applicable for travel between 19th November and 02 December 2018.

6. Issuing of Tickets: Issuing and settlement of tickets should be made exclusively through RAM Agencies. Tickets must be marked NON-REF/ NO BACK/ VALID RAM ONLY

7. Reservation: Reservations must be made for the entire trip.

8. Reservation Change: The first change is free. All other changes to the reservation are allowed for the entire trip at an additional fee of 50 Euros or its equivalent in local currency. In case of the inclusion of an additional domestic flight, a supplement of 20 Euros or equivalent in local currency will be added to the price of the ticket.

9. Reimbursement: This will be possible without penalty up to 24 hours before departure. In case of a no show, no refund will be granted.

10. Other conditions: General rules of the fares apply.

Discounted Price Information - French

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